Kibun is a collection of handcrafted textile panels, all designed and produced in Denmark. The panels can be hung against a wall or used to define a space within a room or as a room divider.

Aside from our current collection, we also develop bespoke pieces for institutions, offices and private spaces.
Kibun is a passion project by Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal, founders of the design studio Hvass&Hannibal. After creating the first series of panels for the exhibition Dawn during 3 Days of Design in 2019, we launched Kibun in 2020 as a space to further explore the textile medium and our personal approach to graphic expression in a textile context.  

We believe that textiles add a warm, welcoming feeling to an interior. They can add softness to a modern space – or quiet down a busy room by unifying it and bringing the space together. This is why we chose the name Kibun, which means mood in Japanese. 

Currently all our panels are made using the wool fabric Remix fromKvadrat Textiles.